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~For the Love of Our Ancestors~
“All Hallow’s Eve” Heart Medicine Ceremony Weekend for Ancestral Healing
November 3-5th, 2023


We are moving into the time of year when all around the Earth, in culture after culture, the Ancestors are remembered, loved, and celebrated. This time is known as Samhain, el Dia de Los Muertos, and All Hallow’s Eve, just to name a few. It is a time of honouring and remembering. It is a time of turning inward. It is a time of ritual, celebration, and wildness. It is a time when powerfully present prayers can create the conditions for the “veil between the worlds" to lift. Many decide to lose themselves in distraction or old habitual ways of bypassing in this darkening time because the power of this gateway is no small thing. In fact, this is one of the most sacred and powerful gateways of the solar cycle within the ancient mystery schools.

In this Boundless Love Weekend, we will reverently celebrate and bring healing to the Ancestors, through a Heart Medicine ceremony and practices to help us remember that life and death are not separate. The intention of this gathering is to honour our lives, and those of our loved ones beyond the veil, by entering into this time of “darkness” (our own inner mythic realm where the ancestors dance) in conscious remembrance, reverence, and ritual.

We will co-create a sacred altar in honour of the dearly departed in all of our lives, we will co-create a feast for the Ancestors through the creation of Despacho, and we will celebrate our lives and theirs through song, dance, and ceremony. True, lasting, and powerful healing is available for our generational wounding. It’s time to clear the past to be able to consciously create our future.

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We will explore the questions:

  • What are the gifts of your ancestral legacy? 

  • How can you create a deeper felt connection to the Ancestors?

  • What are the gifts and blessings the Ancestors offer and how can we align with this?

  • What Medicine is in your heart to manifest into your life and this earth?

  • How can remembering the Ancestors and all that came before support the unique Medicine that you bring to the Earth?


Retreat Reciprocity

$369-469 sliding scale

(Includes semi-private sleeping options and Friday night dinner, Saturday snacks and dinner, and Sunday breakfast. All delicious organic catered vegetarian meals)

This ceremony is facilitated by Robin & Darcy and held in the Kootenays!

We will gather on Friday, November 3 at 6 p.m. to begin to weave our ceremonial container. Saturday, November 4th will be our full day of Heart Medicine ceremony. The morning of Sunday, November 5th will include integration practices and a sharing circle.

Please note that after years of offering these ceremonies, we have come to clearly see that there is a great and needed benefit of gathering for two nights. Many of our nervous systems need to have more rest to move into the Medicine space in a clear, grounded, and productive way. The benefit is worth it.

We ask that all participants stay through closing on Sunday morning. The lodge has many semi-private sleeping spaces. If you require a private sleeping space, please let us know and we can connect you to Airbnb and other offsite accommodations.

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