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  • In the morning, offer gratitude for 10 things in your life.

  • When showering, ask the water to cleanse you.

  • Invoke your guides to continue support and teach you throughout the day.

  • Evoke the expanded feeling and emotions you want to resonate with in this day (joy, peace, love, gratitude ect.)

  • Breathe…. Any type of breath work practice. Remember “Mastery of breath is mastery of life.” You have the power in this moment to transmute the heavy energy you are experiencing or enhance the luminous energy through your conscious breath!

  • Every time you drink water, connect to the cleansing and life giving spirit of the water.

  • Give gratitude to the food you eat throughout the day.

  • Leave offerings to the earth, nature and your guides.

  • Connect to the sun and moon.

  • Focus on your heart. Stay connected to your heart, to love.

  • Say gratitude statements before you go to bed.

  • Ask your guides to teach you in your sleep and dreams.

Self Care 

Throughout our day when interacting with family, places, work spaces and situations we can tend to collect different vibrations of energies in our biofield. Some of these energies are life enhancing like the energy of a waterfall, or a good belly laugh - and some can be more dense and heavy as what happens when being in a stressful situation or argument. A good self-care practice helps address these “heavier” energies so we can be in good shape as we navigate in our day, home with our families, and recharging through rest and sleep. Below are some easy and effective ways of clearing our energy fields. Give them a try for a while and see how they make you feel.

  • Smudging our homes (and work spaces) with plant helpers like sage, copal, sweet grass. Using a diffuser for bring in the cleansing energy of essential oils.

  • Smudging ourselves after a big day.

  • Make time to practice moving your energy (dance, Chi-gung, reiki, yoga, breathwork, ect.).

  • Walking in nature (forest bathing).

  • Standing barefoot, sitting, or lying on the earth. Very potent to have our belly button to the earth and ask the earth to take our heavy energy.

  • Going for a swim in a lake or stream.

  • Having a medicine bath with essential oils, sea or magnesium salts, or make your own plant bath.

  • Work with skilled practitioners to help your energy body flow- acupuncture, osteopathy, network chiropractic, massage, to name just a few.

  • Practice intentional creativity! Crochet, paint, sculpt, do something to help express this vital creative energy within you.

Remember it is better to practice imperfectly, than not at all:)

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