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Divine sacraments open us to the limitless ocean of Being, the rich diversity of the Spirit world, the hidden shadowy realms within, and acts as a mirror for our current stage of spiritual evolution and maturity. Working with these powerful catalysts has for thousands of years been a key component of the Mystery Schools and heart-centered lineages of initiation. In this retreat we will be bridging new science, mystery school teachings, and plant spirit shamanism to activate the Temple of Sanctuary within YOU.

The spiritual technology, energetic architecture and sacred geometry of your “Temple of Sanctuary" is an ancient archetypal form found in unique expressions in every human culture. It is unfathomably ancient and yet ever alive and new.  Like so many of the wisdom teachings from all around the world, this art and geometry is infinitely beautiful in its simplicity, and yet takes a lifetime to refine and master. In this retreat we will sojourn into the realm of Entheogenesis, through the ancient pathways carved deep by seekers of the past into direct Gnosis. This retreat is a rare opportunity to enter the full power and beauty of Entheogenesis. 

In this retreat you will:

  • Experience the beauty and power of the sacred teacher plants in a fully held and guided way.

  • Purify, cleanse, and release obstructions to the full flowering of your inner healer.

  • Resource and empower the inner healer and your direct connection to Spirit and the Benevolent Guides

  • Ceremonially create and activate your own sacred space and personal "Temple of Sanctuary" with Robin and Darcy


8:30-9:30am arrival

10am-12pm Opening Circle

12-1pm Lunch

1:15-5:15 Despacho Ceremony, Teachings and Group process

7pm to All Night- Mesada of Reconciliation


11-12pm Brunch 

12-3pm Integration Circle & Somatic Embodiment Practice

3:30-6pm Self Care and Personal Integration Time

(Body workers onsite for treatments) 

6pm- Dinner

Evening of Rest


9:30am- Daytime Mesada of  Empowerment

(all Day Ceremony)

7pm- Dinner


9-10am Breakfast

10am-12pm Somatic Embodiment Practice & Karma Yoga

12-1pm Lunch

1-6pm Ceremonial Communion with Divine Cacao and Los Santitos Elixir of Life

6-7pm Dinner


8-9am Breakfast

9-12:30pm Closing Circle

12:30pm Departure

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What you will receive through this ceremonial learning and medicine immersion container:​​

  • Powerful ceremonial tools and teachings to resource your life through the creation and activation of your own of Sacred Space

  • Learn how ecotherapy and ecopsychology provide a powerful foundation for western practitioners to begin exploring psychedelic therapy.

  • Clear Toxic Energies of trauma, illness, self-harm, and self-sabotage through the marriage of ancient ceremonial arts and leading edge quantum healing practices facilitated by Darcy Kopas and Robin Flynn.​

  • 2 Kamaska Curandero Mesadas Heart Ceremonies (1 Night & 1 Daytime)

  • Guided ceremonial communion with Divine Cacao and Los Santitos Elixir of Life​

  • Teachings and powerful initiations with the master teacher Tayta Siri (sacred tobacco) through the ceremony of Singa. This is an absolutely unique experience of healing when paired with Heart Ceremonies . This combination provides an opportunity to fully cleanse energetic obstructions and intrusive energies within our energy body which can manifest in the form of dis-ease, trauma, self-harm, toxic thought patterns, addictions, and patterns of self sabotage.

  • Guided group work, council process, movement practices to integrate the medicines.

  • Sacred songs and shamanic journey breath work 

  • Receive profound healing and transformation and learn how to maintain this energetic upgrade and self care through skilled mentorship.

  • 5 days at the profoundly beautiful ecoretreat Star River Sanctuary.


  • 5 days of a healing and cleansing diet of organic local plant based meals, fresh veggie and fruit juices, and teas all lovingly prepared by local chef​

  • Have the opportunity to directly connect with the rich abundant gardens and forest of Star River through Karma Yoga​

  • Optional body work and personal healing sessions.

  • Pre-retreat intake call and intention focus session with Robin or Darcy

  • Post retreat group 2 zoom calls over 4 weeks for Integration Support.

Tuition Sacred Reciprocity:

 $ 1111 CAD


(tuition cost does NOT include Food or lodging costs

Which are listed below)


This 5 night retreat will be held at the beautiful eco retreat

of Star River Sanctuary


Food costs for retreat- $320 plus your choice of lodging:


  •  Private Room $140 night / per person

  • Shared Twin Room $70 / per person

  • Super Sweet Private Glamping $130 / per person

  • Super Sweet Twin Glamping $65 / per person

  • Camping (4 spaces max) and Car Camping (2 spaces) $30 /per person


Please note that the tuition, food, and lodging costs will all be paid directly

to the Star River Sanctuary and will also include GST.


What is not included in the sacred reciprocity:

  • Additional body work sessions which can be booked through the retreat center (massage,

    cranial sacral and many more)

  • Gratuities for the Staff

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