February 10-13th, 2022 

  • Do you struggle with patterns of physical pain, mental self harm and emotional cycles of trauma? Are you ready to experience true Love?

  • Are your coping strategies costing more and more and being less and less effective?

  • Do you feel trapped within limiting beliefs and shadow dynamics that distort what is true and pure within you? Are you ready to liberate your self?

  • Are you ready to reclaim your power and truly heal your body, mind, and heart?

  • Are you ready to learn how to transmute your suffering and density, into the gold of wisdom and compassion?

  • Are you willing to walk through the fire of Love and Liberation to experience true freedom?

This Valentine’s Day weekend we are reclaiming the full Spiritual power of Love.

"Love" has been prostituted out to fuel a culture of superficial intimacy and planned obsolescence. True Love is not a sentimental greeting card or awkward date night.


Love is NOTHING less than the creative power of the universe and how Divinity expresses itself in the worlds of form. 

Liberation is possible only through and by Love.

Liberation is the side effect of truly embodying the full spiritual power of Love.

Now more than ever, we are awakening to our individual power. We are awakening to our power through cascading crises and the breakdown of the "old." The utter absurdity, severe lack of integrity, and conflicting narratives of the “leaders” and institutions to which we have given away our power to, are catalyzing the GREAT DISILLUSIONMENT. The great disillusionment is a critical phase of the Great Turning.  We are living in a time of mass formation, collective cognitive dissonance, contagious emotional overwhelm, and society-wide personal disempowerment. The pain of the dissonance and disconnection is too great, and many of us are finding ourselves in major crises (health, financial, relational, and spiritual.) Our old ways of coping are simply not working and numbing out is a slow death. This crisis is occurring within our minds, hearts, bodies, families, and communities is a hallmark and indicator that we can no longer play small and live as though some outside saviour will come and liberate us from our pain. 

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

LIBERATION is an inside job. Love conquers all.

this ceremonial container will radically support and empower you to Liberate yourself through the power of Love.

Image by Nathan Lindahl

This retreat will focus on ancient and powerful teachings and ceremonies from the Gnostic wisdom schools, shamanic teachings on the nature of shadow dynamic and resolution,  and the ceremonial art of Peruvian Kamaska Curanderismo to awaken the Mystical Alchemy of Love and Liberation within you. 

This retreat is a companion initiation to the "Sovergein Soul Fire" Retreat on March 17-20th, 2022. You can choose to participate in one or both of these retreats, however we highly recommend committing to both retreats and the focused mentorship provided with this option.


If you choose to participate in both retreats, we will include a gift of one 1.5 hour "Sovereign Soul Fire" Mentorship session with Robin and one in depth Quantum Healing energy session from Darcy, as well as be included for February and March in our Nuna Kallpa Empowerment program.

This gift is an additional value of $450.

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What is included in this retreat 

  • Four days and three nights of Earth honouring ceremonial work with 2 Heart Meditations.

  • Sacred Council, ceremony, and Alchemical teachings of Love and LIberation.

  • Teachings and practices of Planetary healing rituals of the Andes.

  • Elemental cleansing and blessing rituals 

  • Guided shamanic journey work to uncover the hidden wisdom of the Mystery Schools that lay sleeping within our DNA.

  • Organic local delicious food. Each meal nourishes the body, heart, and soul!

  • Sacred songs, Restorative movement, dance, and Shamanic energy practices

  • Skilled, experienced, and kind facilitators.

  • Private mentorship call to prepare for event (if requested)

  • Integration support through 2 follow-up group zoom calls and individual support where needed.

  • Optional Flower baths, body and energy work.

  • Full access to beach, cedar hot tub, and sauna.


Retreat Financial Reciprocity:

 $888 CAD 

(this does NOT include lodging costs which are listed below)



This 3 night retreat will be held at the beautiful Sentinel Retreat

We have 2 payment plan options for this retreat.

To see more about this please go the registration page.

● $105/person- shared twin or king bed accommodation (only 6 twin/king rooms available)

             (please note that there are no private king rooms available for this retreat.)

● $90/person-  shared accommodation, or $180/day private (2 Queen rooms)

● $75/person-  glamping (sunroom - 4 people)

Please note that the lodging costs will be paid directly to the Sentinel and they will contact you once you have registered with us. 

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