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The wisdom of the Heart is so easily overlooked in our wild, crazy, and insane culture. IN these times, we all need a consecrated space and time to return to the infinite wisdom of our own Heart. The Heart medicine is here for these times and offers a powerful, beautiful return to the invincible innocence that lives within. 


We invite you to join us in this ancient ceremonial medicine lineage to experience a Renaissance of Heart. Each ceremony is an exploration of the transformative and healing power of Boundless Love through the potent, joy-filled integration of a Heart Medicine ceremony and ancient Andean practices to bless all Life. 


In this weekend, we will explore powerful ancient ceremonial arts and leading edge quantum healing modalities to reconnect with the great source of all life- Gaia. We have never been meant to heal alone. It is in fact through re-membering our common-unity, interconnection, interdependence, and kinship with all of life that we experience True Healing.


Boundless Love Heart Ceremony Weekends are rooted in the shining beauty of the Pachakuti Mesa Lineage, which is a 5000 year old wisdom tradition going back to the roots of Andean spirituality. In this offering we will journey into the emergent “WE” space that radically fosters and awakens individual clarity. We will engage our individual and inter-being focus to shed what no longer serves us, and explore the limitless potential of Boundless Love to co-create more beauty, kindness, and healing in our lives.

 Boundless Love
Heart Medicine

May 17-19th, 2024 Kootenay, BC


In this Heart Medicine Ceremonial Weekend we will reclaim the Healing power of the Heart, Love, and common-unity.


The Heart is the Seat of the Soul and the shamanic centre of Power.


It is only through the heart that we can heal our lives and this world.

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In this Boundless Love Heart Medicine weekend will focus on ancient and powerful teachings and ceremonies from the Gnostic wisdom schools, shamanic teachings on the Heart & Nature, and the ceremonial art of Peruvian Kamaska Curanderismo to awaken the POWER, RESOURCE, AND INFINITE MEDICINE OF YOUR HEART

What is included in this Ceremonial weekend:

  • 2 days and 2 nights of Earth honouring ceremonial work with 1 Heart Medicine ceremony.

  • Sacred Council, Ceremony, and Alchemical teachings to reclaim the power of the Heart.

  • Teachings and practices of Planetary healing rituals of the Andes.

  • Elemental cleansing and blessing rituals 

  • Guided shamanic journey work to uncover the hidden wisdom of the Mystery Schools that lay sleeping within our DNA.

  • Organic delicious snacks, dinner and breakfast.

  • Sacred songs and Shamanic Breath Work energy practices

  • Skilled, experienced, and kind facilitators.

  • Private mentorship call to prepare for event (if requested)

  • Integration support through 1 follow-up group zoom calls and individual support where needed.


To find out more this weekend please
go to the registration button below. Apply now as space is limited.

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