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Join us for "heaven on Earth Retreat- Dieta de Amor"

March 21-31, 2023

Master Teacher Plant Healing Immersion

In the Diamanté Valley Rainforest, Costa Rica

Master Teacher Plant 11 day Immersion for Spiritual Warriors and Sacred Rebels

March 22-April 1st, 2023 we will offer a powerful opportunity to deeply heal through the ancient ceremonial arts of Kamaska Curanderismo. This healing plant spirit medicine retreat will guide each participant through the reclamation of personal power and direct connection to Divinity as the true source of all transformation. 

To deepen into the radical transformational and visionary power of Huachuma requires steadfast devotion to love, reverence and sovereignty. In our lineage of practice there is not the "dieta" of the amazonian traditions, but there is the practice of pilgrimage and immersion which offers a unique opportunity for life long attunement to the medicine spirit of the "Cactus of the Four Winds."


This immersion ceremonial container allows for profound cellular, energetic, and neurological restructuring in greater health. This will be a rare opportunity to dive deeply into the profound visionary depths and heights of this ancient teacher and emissary of Gaian love. The medicine is infinite and the visionary potential and gifts only grow through time. 


This retreat will be a synthesis of our most potent healing practices and empowerment tools, and will be an opportunity for radical healing and remembrance on all levels. This quality of soul alchemy and higher ceremonial practice can only be attained through an in person immersive of this depth.


This 11 day plant immersion retreat is ideal for those who:

  • Wish to be deeper service to the evolution of consciousness on Planet Earth 

  • Gain greater connection to Divinity, spirit, and intuitive knowing.

  • Ready to release the core addictions to suffering and victimhood.

  • Reclaim Love and Sovereignty as a divine birthright.

  • Heal from old pain, trauma, disease, and disempowerment.


Our retreat swimming pool 


What you will receive through this ceremonial learning and medicine immersion container:

  • Clear Toxic Energies of trauma, illness, self-harm, and self-sabotage through the marriage of ancient ceremonial arts and leading edge quantum healing practices facilitated by Darcy Kopas and Robin Flynn.

  • Receive profound healing and transformation and learn how to maintain this energetic upgrade and self care through skilled mentorship.

  • 11 days at the profoundly beautiful and conscious Heaven On Mother Earth Retreat & Permaculture Farm in the lush, abundant jungles of the Diamante Valley.

  • 11 days of a healing and cleansing diet of organic local plant based meals, fresh veggie and fruit juices, and teas all lovingly prepared by local chef.

  • Introduction and activation of your own healing altar within the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. This is a profound blessing of personal empowerment, that will enable you to bring the medicine and practices back home with you.

  • 3 Kamaska Curandero Mesadas Huachuma Ceremonies       (1 Night & 2 Daytime)

  • Masterplant Empowerment with Huachuma (San Pedro), Tayta Siri (Beloved Tobacco), and Los Santitos (the sacred mushrooms.)

  • Optional daily microdose with either the heart medicine or "los santitos" (psilocybin mushrooms)

  • Teachings and powerful initiations with the master teacher Tayta Siri (sacred tobacco) through the ceremony of Singa. This is an absolutely unique experience of healing when paired with Huachuma. This combination provides an opportunity to fully cleanse energetic obstructions and intrusive energies within our energy body which can manifest in the form of dis-ease, trauma, self-harm, toxic thought patterns, addictions, and patterns of self sabotage.

  • Guided group work, council process, movement practices to integrate the medicines.

  • Sacred songs and shamanic journey breath work 

  • Opportunities for day trips to local places of elemental power- the Diamante Falls, the white sands beach, local old growth trees, and rain forest sanctuaries.

  • Have the opportunity to learn more about earth and land stewardship through the Permaculture model

  • Swim every day in the living waters of Nauyaca Waterfalls and live heaven on earth.

  • Optional body work and personal healing sessions.

  • Pre-retreat intake call and intention focus session with Robin or Darcy

  • Post retreat group 3 zoom calls over 8 weeks for Integration Support.


Heaven On Earth Retreat Schedule


Day 1- Afternoon Arrival and evening Opening ceremony and circle


Day 2- Introduction to the land, somatic movement and grounding practice, Diamond Light Body teachings, group council, and elemental cleansing nighttime

Night Time Kamaska Curandero Mesada Ceremony of the Ukupacha 


Day 3- Morning rest and afternoon group Integration council, somatic movement practice, and optional bodywork sessions.


Day 4- Morning movement, breath work, and meditation and Day trip to the local white sand beaches


Day 5- Daytime Mesada Ceremony of the Kaypacha 


Day 6- Morning Integration Council, somatic movement practice and afternoon of rest and renewal with optional bodywork sessions


Day 7- Morning movement, breath work, and meditation and Day trip to the local rainforest sanctuary


Day 8- Daytime Mesada Ceremony of the Hanaqpacha


Day 9- Day of integration and beach excursion


Day 10- Celebration and energetic closure of “Dieta de Amor”


Day 11- Morning closing circle & Departure after lunch


Please note that we have built in time for luscious hours of rest and relaxation, forest bathing, personal contemplation, swimming at the local waterfall, and body work sessions.

All day trips and outings are optional. We are organizing this in the true spirit of retreat and renewal with time to nourish your heart with presence and quiet:)


Financial Reciprocity/ Energy Exchange 

$3,111 USD- Shared 4 bedroom Cabin

$3,444 USD- Couple/Shared Queen Bed Cabin (1 queen bed for 2 people)

$3,999 USD- Private Room (only 2 available)

Please note that all costs are in USD. To see more about payment options please click on the registration button below.

What is not included in the energy exchange:

  • Flight and transportation to the H.O.M.E. farm (if requested we will help arrange transport from the local airport and connect you with other group members.)

  • Additional body work sessions which can be booked through the retreat center (massage, cranial sacral and many more)

  • Gratuities for the Staff


Please note that after December 1st the Early-Bird Special is over and the Price will increase $200 USD. Space is limited.

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