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Mandala Painting Workshop
June 29 - 30, 2024

(Optional Friday eve 6-9, get started, mandala process steps explained)


       A last minute passport issue - Paul Heussenstamm is unable to be here for this weekend. Workshop is still being offered by experienced staff at a reduced price. Paul is hoping to reschedule this year or next. 
      Star River wants to make this Mandala class as accessible as possible. So we decided to shorten to Sat. and Sun. and only charge for the meals. Love offerings accepted if you want to stay over (and paint all night.) We are asking you to bring as your own art supplies.


Mandala Painting Workshop
June 29 - 30, 2024

Offered by
Star River Sanctuary, Nelson, BC

Each Mandala Painting Workshop is always in either a beautiful home or a Retreat Center. 

The size is between 6 – 12 participants and no experience is necessary. The Workshop covers all the aspects and history of the mandala and each participant will experience the unfolding of their personal mandalas as a teaching to deepen their spiritual journey through art.

Art is a spiritual path and a transformational experience. The Beauty of Star River will inspire you and there are experienced artists and teachers who will be here to support and nurture your relationship with your Art and your Soul.

Tuition - $120 Commuter Rate

incl. guidance, 2 brunches, 1 dinner, and the 

inspirational Blossoming beauty of Star River


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