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The Way is already here. 

It is beautiful

and it lives within you. ​

The Way of Sovereignty is a ceremonial healing space and sanctuary for the embodiment of New Earth consciousness. This sanctuary space is designed to be accessible anytime anywhere. We are here to support, resource, and empower the truth of your Sovereign Divinity. We offer one-on-one mentorship programs, shamanic distance energy healings, in-person ceremonial retreats, and a guided co-practice community container on Thursday nights.


Our Thursday night  "Sovereign Soul Empowerment" is inspired by our ever growing global family awakening heart. This is a co-practice container and quantum healing space for ongoing spiritual energetic support and the integration of peak spiritual experiences, plant spirit medicine and entheogenic journeys, and awakening to multi-dimensional realities.

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"My most adored and divinely esteemed luminous beauty walkers…this profoundly Love-sourced and spirit infused visionary medicine gift you’ve been led to birth in service of our human re-Membering as Shining Ones has my heart singing ecstatic songs of gratitude for your multidimensional healing presence upon beloved Gaia-Pachamama. It is beyond evident countless moons of unified visionary alignment with the wisdom guidance offered by our Light-seeding Star Nations inspired your sublimely co-creative birthing of The Way of Sovereignty…may your shamanic luminosity shine brighter than ever and attract all manner of spiritual and material abundance into your lives—haylli!" 

 With infinite love, don Oscar Miro-Quesada

"Robin is true reflection of the path of beauty that she walks and shares with others. Her deep heart and strong integrity continue to inspire me to be the best version of myself. I am so grateful to know this impeccable woman and learn from her the old ways of sacred reciprocity, blessing, and giving back love to the earth and the cosmos especially in such a crucial time when this is what is needed most." - Christina Rella 

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“Robin and Darcy hold such incredible heart-centered space together, bringing the teachings of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition in a joyful and relevant way. I honor them as way showers of the path, showing us how to live in Anyi, sacred reciprocity.”

- Lauren C.

"My mentorship with Robin has been a significant and life changing process for me! Her ability to teach from a heart-centered, Intuitive and yet extremely educated and grounded place is like none other I have experienced. I am more open, more empowered, more compassionate and more grounded due to what Robin has taught me as well the grace with which she shares these teachings. Robin is a rare and incredible example of someone who really lives what she teaches and is therefore, just by being herself, a powerful example of how this work and lineage of teachings can impact your life. If you are thinking of working with her, do it! "

- Reanna Costa, 500hr ERYT, IBP Somatic Counsellor & Breathwork Facilitator


"I have the highest respect for Robin and Darcy as workshop facilitators and ceremonial practitioners. They are kind, compassionate, and sensitive; highly attuned to the multidimensionality of inner exploration. They are devoted to being of service for the greatest good of all beings, and dedicated to supporting people to connect with themselves, community, and Spirit.  They both radiate love, wisdom, care, and the sincerity and resonance of people who live from their hearts. I've worked with them for years, and totally trust their ability to offer a safe, encouraging, and inspiring space where people can feel the freedom to be all that they are. As a facilitator myself for many decades, I feel confident that whatever they offer will reflect the goodness of their hearts and their dedication to service and Spirit, and bring great benefit and blessings to all those in their circles." -Karuna Erickson  - International Yoga Teacher, Elder, and Author of "Heart Yoga"

When Robin and Darcy say they are going to do something, I trust that it will be done. They have a natural capacity to create a ceremonial space that is safe, respectful, and full of integrity and kindness. The vibratory field they carry with them is full of light, warmth, and courage. One of the things I love most about them is their own devotion to evolution and awakening. They are curious, creative and always ready to explore new possibilities, in their own lives and in their work. I recommend their events, workshops and ceremonies without reservation."

- Shayla Wright, Teacher, Guide, Counsellor of Awakening  


Thursday Way of Sovereignty transmissions are incredibly potent and powerful. Honestly, there have been some nights where I feel I do not sleep at all but rather I’m being deeply cleansed and worked on right to my cellular core.  I am very grateful to be in this amazing healing container and continue to feel profound shifts in my ways of being in the world.
My senses have been heightened tremendously and I feel very connected to nature and my spirit allies. Also, my Claire-cognizant listening has heightened within my cranial sacral practice."
Gratitude and Love, Eva🙏

Robin and Darcy create a sacred and safe ceremony space that holds many facets of the Andean culture and healing practices translating into an exceptionally rich and deep experience.  As individuals, a couple, facilitators and ceremonial practitioners they walk the road they are showing to others with integrity, kindness, generosity and reciprocity.   What they are offering into the world,  I would recommend to anyone. 
-Laurel C.

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