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The Pachakuti Mesa Apprenticeship training is a 15 month ceremony of initiation and transformation.  Within in this 15 month training are 5 in-person apprenticeship weekends offerered at Star River Sanctuary.  There will be 3-6 months of time in between the weekends for practice and integration.

We often offer a complimentary evening class and Q & A on the medicine of this direct path of Soul Initiation, personal and planetary healing. This journey is one of the most powerful transformational and evolutionary processes we have ever experienced and each year as we guide groups through this process, our love and devotion to the resource and empowerment based process exponentially deepens.

You can access a recent call recording below where we answer many questions about our upcoming PMT Hoop! And Robin and Darcy are offering a Live Call April 14, 4-6 PST. 

“Pachakuti” means “world reversal” and refers to the time of transformation we are living now. A mesa is an altar for self-exploration, transformation and personal growth in which we create a new paradigm of one’s relation to the Self and the Universe. This tradition, in all its richness, is an evolving practice of inner and outer activities that restore balance and harmony to our relationships with All That Is.

The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition: Cross-Cultural Shamanic Arts for Personal and Planetary Renewal is a five- part series of intensives in the shamanic arts of restoring harmony, health, and earth stewardship. This workshop series aligns the traditional shamanic arts of Peru and the wisdom of its heritage with the needs of the present day, a transformational moment of planetary and human history.

Participants will cultivate a deeper relationship with nature and the unseen world, and receive multiple opportunities for self-exploration, empowerment, and profound personal growth. This apprenticeship series is open to all people who desire to be of service, whether they are long-time mesa carriers or new to this tradition.

Benefits of Being a PMT Practioner

Learn to gracefully walk between spiritual and material worlds as a shamanic initiate of the Great Work

Receive heartfelt apprenticeship in pre-Columbian Andean cosmology, earth-honoring ceremony, and healing arts

Join a diverse global family focused on compassionate Self-transformation who joyously celebrate life as a sacred gift

Awaken your sovereignty as a child born of Pachamama’s sanctity and love


Weekend I: The Call to Heal (Releasing the Past)

This apprenticeship workshop initiates participants into the Pachakuti Mesa, a powerful and sacred altar. Students learn how to create their own mesas and work with them for self-empowerment, transformation, and helping others. Through shamanic journey and visionary states of consciousness, participants will explore the three worlds of the Andean cosmovision, sacred reciprocity with all that is, the core ingredients of ceremonial mastery, sacred sound and ritual language, healing and curanderismo, and the inner world of the ukhupacha.


Weekend II: A Balance of Power

(Transforming the Present)


During this workshop intensive, participants will apprentice in the center of the mesa, traditional Peruvian healing practices, and the kaypacha, the middle world. They will explore the kaypacha’s elemental matrix and magico-spiritual power, and learn about the moon’s presence in the middle world, mapping the cosmos on Earth, and celestial death and rebirth.

Weekend III: The Condor’s Quest

(Creating the Future)

This workshop is an initiation into the paqokuna, the Andean Shaman/Priesthood mystical path, the lineage of the sacred mountains, and the five virtues of the mesa. Participants will also journey to and experience the hanaqpacha, the upper world beyond the physical, work with the unseen world there and deepen their connection to their own spiritual resources.

Weekend IV: The Hummingbird’s Ascent

(Living the Mystery)


In this apprenticeship workshop students will experience the upper world and learn about its lightning bolt of mystical illumination and the flow of kamasqa, the power of Creation. They will work with the elements, the forces of the universe, the body of Mother Earth, and sacred healing objects. In sacred reciprocity participants will create despachos to honor Mother Earth, the sacred mountains, the elements, the unseen world, and prepare for a paqowachu, a sacred pilgrimage.


Weekend V: The Shamanic Self

(Serving the Earth)

This workshop deepens participants’ experience of soul and spirit through ritual process, including the spiritual creation, activation and care of an apacheta. Students will work with the power of creation in the kaypacha or middle world, dimensionality and time, as well as with the three suns, and the hampikamayoq process (ancient breathing techniques for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being and transformation). Participants will be further empowered by evoking both seen and unseen sources of cosmic awareness within their mesa, sacred objects and own being, and initiation into the lineage of this revered tradition.


Nelson, BC Dates 2024 - 2025

Part I: The Call to Heal (Releasing the Past): May 31st-June 2, 2024

(Part 1: Make Up Weekend August 9-11th, 2024)

Part II: A Balance of Power (Transforming the Present): October 4-6, 2024

Part III: The Condor’s Quest (Creating the Future): April 18-21, 2025

Part IV: The Hummingbird’s Ascent (Living the Mystery): July 11-13, 2025

Part V: The Shamanic Self (Serving the Earth): Oct 3-5, 2025

Lauren shares her experience of the Pachakuti Mesa Training

Want to know about future PMT Hoops?
We'll update you when we're offering this again!

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"I am so glad I did this! I could not have imagined how empowering and integrative this teaching has been to tie up so many pieces of the Great Mystery puzzle in my life and understanding of life. thank you to all who have brought this to my consciousness!!! I would highly recommend this to everyone!"

- Kathie P Nelson, BC

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