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Apprenticeship Material


  • To experience an initiation into and an understanding of hanaqpacha dynamics

  • Receive teaching of relevant South Andean paqokuna concepts

  • Have an understanding of ayni as the intrinsic connecting principle of the Universe and shamanic practice

  • Have an understanding of the nature of the Tirakuna, Awkikuna, Malkikuna, Machula Awlanchis & Apukuna

  • To experience the animating essence of sami and the mikhuy processes

  • Receive teachings on the Five Attributes

  • Connect with Lineage Apus

  • To establish a tutelary relationship with an Apu and paqowachu pilgrimage site


  • In the morning offer gratitude for 20 things in your life.

  • Create the intention to open and receive Sami, Kawsay, and Kanchay from the environment and universe throughout the day.  

  • Evoke the expanded feeling and emotions you want to resonate with in this day (joy, peace, love, gratitude ect.)

  • When showering ask the water to cleanse you.  

  • Invoke your higher guides to continue to teach you throughout the day.

  • Every time you drink water, connect to the cleansing and life giving spirit of the water.  

  • Give gratitude to the food you eat throughout the day.

  • Leave offerings to the earth, nature and your guides.

  • Connect to the powers of the sun and moon.  

  • Focus on your heart.  Stay connected to your heart - to love.

  • Say gratitude statements before you go to bed.

  • Ask your guides to teach you in your sleep and dreams.


* Throughout our day when interacting with family, places, work spaces and situations we can tend to collect different vibrations of energies in our biofield.  Some of these energies are life enhancing like the energy of a waterfall, or a good belly laugh - and some can be more dense and heavy as what happens when being in a stressful situation or argument.  A good self-care practice helps address these “heavier” energies so we can be in good shape as we navigate in our day, home with our families, and recharging through rest and sleep. Below are some easy and effective ways of clearing our energy fields.  Give them a try for a while and see how they make you feel.

  • Smudging our homes (and work spaces) with plant helpers like sage, copal, sweet grass.  Using a diffuser for bring in the cleansing energy of essential oils.

  • Smudging ourselves after a big day.

  • Make time to practice moving your energy (dance, Chi-gung, reiki, yoga, breathwork, ect.).

  • Walking in nature (forest bathing).

  • Standing barefoot, sitting, or lying on the earth.  Very potent to have our belly button to the earth and ask the earth to take our heavy energy.  

  • Going for a swim in a lake or stream.

  • Having a medicine bath with essential oils, sea or magnesium salts, or make your own plant bath (see below).

  • Work with skilled practitioners to help your energy body flow- acupuncture, osteopathy, network chiropractic, massage, to name just a few.

  • Practice intentional creativity! Crochet, paint, sculpt, do something to help express this vital creative energy within you.

Remember it is better to practice imperfectly, than not at all:)


  1.   For three consecutive Wednesdays  practice the Attribute Transmission Ritual.  (Below)

  2.   Practice both the Hucha and Sami Mikhuy processes.  (Review Session 3 Apprenticeships notes.  Also below)

  3.   Practice creating and burning a personal Despacho. (Full and New moons awesome)

  4.   Practice doing shamanic journeying to the Apu-guia.   Connect daily to this Apu.  

  5.  Continue to practice the Kaypacha and Ukhupacha Breaths, and Saywa Purification process. (In the Session 1 and 2 Apprenticeship notes.  Also below)

  6.   Make offerings to the the guardians of Ayni:  Tirakuna, Awlikuna, Malkikuna, Machula                      Awlanchis and Apukuna.

  7. Please complete the 7 day or 7 week Rainbow Bridge Activation if you haven't done so.

  8.   At your Mesa after opening, and raising your Mesa (music, aquas, smudging), activate each of the twelve Apu stones by intoning the name of the Apu 7 times each.  Take the Apu stone into your right hand with your left hand directed to the place where the Apu stone lives on your mesa.  After the 7 intonations bring the stone into both hands - retain the breath to crystallize the vibrational medicine of the Apu - and blow this medicine into your Arte.  Place the stone to its respectful place and go to the next stone.  Right after completion spend some time attuning to the heightened Kallpa of your Mesa.  See page 10 of your Apprenticeship material for Apu Names.  


           Lineage Apu Readings: 

                 Lineage Apu Images:

Here is an audio with the proper pronunciation of the Apu names.  

Apu Intonations

Attribute Transmission Ritual 

The following assignment is to be done as a part of Wednesday Night Link-Up. It is to be done over three successive Link-Ups.

Students have this on page 11 of the A.M. 

- After the regular Link-Up anchoring and transmission practice, participants bring into consciousness the feeling of the field that was experienced in the weekend’s attribute invocation, returning in their memory to that point. 

- Each attribute is intoned 3x, either silently or verbally. 

- A short meditation is practiced that lovingly draws in the presence of the entire Pachakuti Mesa practitioner mesa community. 

- The collected hampi (spirit medicine) is then released into the field, consciously sent out to: 


1st Link-up – the Great Sacred Web of Life on earth & the world as a whole. 

2nd Link-up – the Self, as unitary consciousness. 

3rd Link-up – the Cosmos as Creation’s dreaming (the Living Universe, the Kawsaypa T’eqsemuyu). 


The release of this medicine should feel somewhat like gently dropping it into the mesa

Hucha Mikhuy

A great practical and developmental asset to the healer is the ability to organically cleanse and transform hucha from the body and poqpo. Hucha mikhuy is the process of activating the kurku k’anchay’s in-born capacity to rid itself of the density that hinders the natural expression of health and creativity. Essentially a meditation-initiated process, hucha mikhuy uses the power of intention to move hucha through energetic conduits in the body and field, releasing it into either a suitable medium or directly into the Earth. The process is done standing.

Students have this on page 3 of the A.M.

- Attention is first directed towards the breathing to induce a state of relaxation.

- Attention is then focused on the qosqo.

- Begin to open the qosqo, first seeing a small point of light that then expands to roughly melon-size. Once this has been accomplished, both qosqo and poqpo should be fully activated.

- Through the power of will, direct the qosqo to begin “eating” any hucha within the poqpo.

- As hucha is transformed by the qosqo it tends to float upwards, filling the poqpo as sami.

- Pass excess hucha down the right hand or release through the perineum, allowing this density to flow into the Earth (generally, if a feeling of light-headedness is experienced, enough sami has been generated for the moment).

- When complete, allow the poqpo to settle into a new equilibrium. Hucha Mikhuy will greatly accelerate any healing process when engaged in regularly, as well as contribute to the over-all maintenance of beneficial forces within the poqpo and body. 

Sami Mikhuy

Like hucha mikhuy, sami mikhuy is an instrumental skill. By filling the poqpo with life-supportive sami, our attunement to the world registers at the most refined levels. The process is done standing. Students have this on page 4 of the A.M.

- Attention is first directed towards the breathing to induce a state of relaxation.

- Attention is then focused on the qosqo.

- From the point of the qosqo, the attention is expanded across the physical body.

- All energetic “entry points” are called into awakening: the palms, qosqo, heart, 7th thoracic, nape of the neck, brow, crown, etc.

- Sami is drawn in through all parts of the body and skin, utilizing the breath as its medium for intake.

-  As sami is stored in the body, an overall rejuvenating effect is experienced by the person. 

The Ukhupacha Breath

This practice may be utilized whenever appropriate. It sets up a resonant field between the individual and the ukhupacha (inner world),  facilitating any exchanges necessary between its realms and the poqpo.

-  The inbreath is practiced along with the simultaneous drawing-in of k’anchay (celestial light) through the crown. (Envisioning the radiant pillar, the saywa, is helpful).

- The light and breath are held, briefly, in the heart.

- As the breath is exhaled, k’anchay is sent downwards through the perineum, deep into the subterranean domains of Pachamama, and into the ukhupacha.

- This is repeated for as long as is necessary. All breathing should be done through the nose with tongue gently resting on upper palate. 

The Kaypacha Breath

This breathing pattern helps to align oneself with the many forces of the kaypacha. Briefly explain to students each of the three forces that we use in this practice.  - This breath is conducted whilst drawing kawsay (life force energy) up from the Earth, through the perineum, and k’anchay (celestial light) down from above, through a saywa (column or pillar) into one’s crown.

- forces are held, briefly, with the breath, in the heart.

- On the exhalation is performed the collected energy is radiated outwards in all directions into the kaypacha, as sami (animating essence).

- An advanced version utilizes the following breathing counts: 4 – in-breath, 2 - retain, 4 - outbreath, 2 - hold.

All breathing should be through the nose, tongue resting against upper palate

Saywa Purification Process

This exercise is to harmonize and cleanse the energetic body.

- Participants stand with palms open to the hanaqpacha (upper realm), eyes closed.

- A brilliant white light is visualized as descending into the space from the heavens, into the crown and palms.

- Gradually, this light it brought into the body, beginning at the crown and travelling deeply into the physical vessel: into the brain, pineal, pituitary, eyes, face, neck, shoulders, chest, lungs, heart, etc. It should be visualized with care to enter into all parts of the body. (From the heart, it enters the blood stream.)

- From the soles of the feet and perineum this light flows out and into Pachamama. 

The fun question is, 'When do I never-not do these practices?" 

These practices can be done just about anywhere, at anytime - while doing anything.  The more you practice integrating these simple neurocircuitry - building practices with your everyday activities, the more natural and effortless they become.  Challenge yourself to see just how often, and during how many different regular activities you can practice.   You can practice when you are: lying in bed, talking on the phone, surfing the web, watching a show, cooking, eating, washing the dishes, going to the bathroom, bathing or showering, walking, jogging or working out, standing in line, practicing yoga, shopping, spending time in nature, playing with your pet, driving, commuting to work, reading, making love, doing laundry, brushing your teeth, gardening. 


The invitation is to see how you can seamlessly build rituals of connection into our lives where our day becomes a ceremony of connection, with whatever we are doing.



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