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"Let us teach love by the way we live."
- don Oscar Miro-Quesada

Join us for Wilka Hampiq
  Pachakuti Mesa Intermediate Apprenticeship
March 2-14th, 2023.

We will be offering this Wilka Hampiq immersive ceremonial retreat in the rich, lush, and vibrant encanto of the Costa Rican rainforest. In this unique opportunity, we will dive deep into the foundational healing energies and weave into this container the personal healing and awakening ceremonial experience of 3 Kamasqa Curandero Mesada ceremonies. The focus of these ceremonies is to “cleanse the doors of your perception”, awaken more deeply to your soul legacy as a “shining one” and become the true embodiment of these healing energies.

There is no better way to learn medicine than through one’s own healing journey.


Our onsite swimming pool- the Nauyaca Waterfalls,

Going on “retreat” is an ancient practice of stepping out of our day to day lives of service and work to tend and cultivate our inner ground of being. The spirit and wisdom of “retreat” is so needed now when we are all learning to ride the intense waves of the Pachakuti. Creating the space to receive and truly tend our inner medicine garden is one of the great challenges we face as practitioners.


In this immersive retreat we will be able to cultivate a powerful co creative learning and healing container to potentiate your sacred path of service, relationship with the Pachakuti Mesa Lineage, and bring the sacred medicine home to your body, heart, mind and spirit.

Costa Rica beach.png

Time to commune with MamaCocha Pacifica

Our Ceremonial Space for the Immersion

What you will receive through this ceremonial learning and medicine immersion container:

  • The full Wilka Hampiq Energy Healing intermediate training (usually done over 3 weekends).

  • 13 days at the profoundly beautiful and conscious Heaven On Mother Earth Retreat & Permaculture Farm in the lush abundant jungles of the Diamante Valley.

  • Whole Body Reset- 13 days of organic local fruits, veggies, fresh juices, and plant based meals lovingly prepared by local chef.

  • 3 Kamasqa Curandero Mesadas to integrate the teachings into your personal healing, and connect with the elemental forces and Guardians of Ayni in a profoundly transformative way. Please email us for more information about these plant medicine ceremonies. These ceremonies are profound opportunities to deepen in connection with the Pachakuti Mesa Lineage, your guides, your heart, and the inner healer.  There is no better way to learn medicine than through one’s own healing journey. The strength of what we can offer dwells within what we have received. To give, we must first receive. 

  • Opportunities for day trips to local places of elemental power- the Diamante Falls, the white sands beach, commune with old growth trees, and time every day built in every day for heart and nature communion. 

  • Have the opportunity to learn about integrative land stewardship through the Permaculture model. 

  • Swim every day in the living waters of Nauyaca Waterfalls and live heaven on earth.

  • Teachings, support, guidance, and facilitation with Darcy Kopas & Robin Flynn.

  • Receive profound healing and transformation and learn how to maintain this energetic upgrade and self care through skilled mentorship.

  • Pre-retreat intake call and intention focus session with Robin or Darcy.

  • Post retreat group 3 zoom calls over 3 months.

Costa Rica beach-3.png

Retreat Schedule:


Day 1- Midday arrival, Afternoon land tour w/ evening Opening ceremony and circle


Day 2- Kawsay: Elemental Earth Medicine for Physical Healing and Harmonization


Day 3- Samisonqoy: Elemental Water Medicine for Emotional Healing and Harmonization


Night Time Kamasqa Mesada Ceremony for the embodied reception of of Kawsay & Samisonqoy 


Day 4-  Morning of Rest and afternoon Integration session with optional Body work sessions late afternoon


Day 5- Re-new Day (optional journey to the white sands of Dominical Beach)


Day 6- K’anchay: Elemental Air Medicine for Spiritual Healing and Harmonization


Day 7- Samiumay: Elemental Fire Medicine for Mental Healing and Harmonization  


Day 8-Day Time Kamasqa Mesada Ceremony for the embodied reception of  K’anchay & Samiumay


Day 8- Morning of Rest and afternoon Integration session with optional Body work sessions late afternoon


Day 9- Illanunay: Elemental Etheric Medicine for Soul Integration and Elevation


Day 10- Daytime Kamasqa Mesada Ceremony for the Harmonization and Integration of all 5 healing energies


Day 11- Integration & Rest day with optional journey to Rainforest Sanctuary


Day 12- Day of Celebration 


Day 13- Morning closing ceremony and Early Afternoon Departure


Please note that we will have time every afternoon for forest bathing, personal contemplation, rest, swimming at the local waterfall, and body work sessions. All day trips and outings are optional. We are organizing this in the true spirit of retreat and renewal with time to nourish your heart with presence and quiet:)


Energy Exchange- Save $200 With the Early Bird Registration below

 $3,333 USD (shared 3 person room)

 $3,777 USD (shared queen room ideal for couple)

 $4,444 USD (private room) 

This is our Early Bird Special until December 1st 2022…. 

Please note that after this date the cost will increase by $200 USD per person.

What is not included in the energy exchange:

  • Flight and transportation to the H.O.M.E. farm (if requested we will help arrange transport from the local airport and connect you with other group members.)

  • Additional body work sessions which can be booked through the retreat center (massage, cranial sacral and many more)

  • Gratuities for the Staff

  • Wilka Hampiq Certification: After completing the in-person training, if you wish to become a certified Wilk Hampi practitioner there is an additional process which includes: 6 months of oversight and mentorship with Robin & Darcy, the completion of 15 client sessions. This is an additional energy exchange of $575 USD. We will be running a group mentorship and learning container for this retreat group which will run April - October 2023. This will be an awesome opportunity for personal accountability, support, encouragement, and so much more learning.

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