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Mandala Painting Workshop
June 28 - 30, 2024

Offered by Paul Heussenstamm

Star River Sanctuary, Nelson, BC

Each Mandala Painting Workshop is always in either a beautiful home or a Retreat Center. 

The size is between 6 – 12 participants and no experience is necessary. The Workshop covers all the aspects and history of the mandala and each participant will experience the unfolding of their personal mandalas as a teaching to deepen their spiritual journey through art.

ART AS A SPIRITUAL PATH is a transformational experience and my job will be to support and nurture the relationship with your Soul.

Tuition - $639 Commuter Rate

incl. Paul's tuition, food and art supplies

About Paul:


Paul Heussenstamm

Paul’s studio works from the ancient Eastern tradition of transmission where the painting passes through the artist. Therefore the paintings are only signed on the back. Paul has two full-time assistants that have been with him over ten years. He also works closely with Master Tibetan painter, Yeshi Dorjee, as well as artists in Bali, Nepal, India and Tibet to ensure the quality of each Sacred Deity or painting.

"We are all circles on the great mandala, and by changing the intensity of color, we clarify the fullness of each circle. Every soul is a circle with a unique combination of color and intensity. Each circle contains two individual circles with a delicate membrane between them.”

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