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Peru Sacred Valley Pilgrimage

Receive the Hummingbird's Blessing

January 17 - 28, 2024

This 11-day soul-nourishing pilgrimage to the Sacred Valley of Peru will be a ceremonial and initiatory journey into the Heart of the Andean wisdom traditions. It is a precious opportunity to create a more alive and awakened connection to the ancient, yet ever-new, wisdom of the Andes. The Andean healing traditions offer a potent antidote to the disconnection from Earth and Soul, so prevalent in the dominant global culture. Each of us who brings healing to the disconnection in our own lives helps to bring healing to the collective.

This trip is also for those of all ages and backgrounds who feel in their heart that there is a more beautiful way to live, and who wish to dive into this possibility with their whole beings. This is an ideal trip for the Pachakuti Mesa Practitioner who wishes to activate, charge, and more deeply awaken the innate potency, power, and aliveness of their practice. For those who are yet to be mesa carriers, we will offer a basic Pachakuti mesa class at the beginning of the journey. This will empower you to leave this trip with the tools to be able to anchor the healing gifts of this pilgrimage into your lives back home through the radical, infinite beauty of the Pachakuti Mesa practice.

“Pachakuti” means “world reversal” and refers to the time of transformation we are living in now. A mesa is an altar for self-exploration, transformation, and personal growth in which we create a new paradigm of our relation to the Self and the Universe. This tradition, in all its richness, is an evolving practice of inner and outer activities that restore balance and harmony to our relationships with All That Is.”

- Don Oscar Miro-Quesada Solevo, Founder of Pachakuti Mesa Tradition

The spirit of the Hummingbird is the totemic power of the master plant spirit teacher Huachuma, also known as the "Cactus of the Four Winds." It is the Hummingbird that is the symbolic deity of the realms of divine light, known in Quechua as the Hanaqpacha.


The gifts are great for the mystic sojourner who is willing to humbly journey to the ancestral powerhouse of the Andean world. The spirit of the Hummingbird will be our guide through the journey.

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This 11-day pilgrimage is a radical cultural experience and healing medicine retreat where you will receive powerful transformation and blessings in your life through:

  • The soul-awakening power of the alive wisdom of the land

  • Empowerments, blessings, and teachings from Q’ero Elders doña Irene & don Sebastian; the world-renowned Puma Quispe of Chincherros; the beautiful hearts of Puma Adventures; and experience the embodied wisdom of the Quechua wisdom keepers of Pisaq and Amaru

  • Create resonant connections with the 12 primary Mountain spirits (Apus) of the Sacred Valley

  • We will journey to the ancient power sites of Cusco, Pisaq, Chinchero, Ollantaytambo, Apu Pachatusan, and Moray to learn the knowledge of the Ancestors from indigenous wisdom keepers

  • The opportunity to participate in ceremonies of direct initiatory experience with the sacred plant teacher “the Cactus of the Four Winds” in a radically beautiful and safe space guided by Darcy, Robin, and Puma Adventures

  • You will be guided and held by experienced, kind support and loving care. This includes facilitated group process, dialogue, and teachings to help each Pilgrim have a successful journey

  • We will stay at the beautiful and enchanting Sacha Munay retreat center. With its incredible gardens, waterfalls, and vibrant green mountains on all sides, your heart will be deeply nourished by this peaceful place

  • Sacha Munay offers options for medicine baths, massage, and other healing services for interested guests

  • We will visit the Pisaq village where you will be able to access the famous Pisaq Artisan markets, restaurants, and botanical gardens

  • We will eat local, organic food and have fresh filtered water available throughout the entire journey. Most meals are included and can be prepared to meet your food needs

  • You will have the opportunity to dive into the magic, medicine, and mysticism of Pachakuti Mesa Lineage with sanctioned teachers. This is a radically powerful way to awaken your sacred altar ground

Also included in this unique experience:

  • Optional bodywork and personal healing sessions

  • Pre-retreat intake call and intention focus session with Robin or Darcy

  • 3 post-retreat Zoom calls over 8 weeks for integration support

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(Details on time and cost will be given to all who register)



The cost of this pilgrimage begins at $3,111 US Dollars (cost is dependent on the type of lodging you prefer) 

To secure your space. we ask for a deposit of 50% at the time of registration. To honour the depth of this powerful transformational opportunity we are keeping the group size intimate, so space is limited.

This price does not include flights or gratuities.

Please feel free to email us at to book a call if you would like more information.

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The Flow of Our Journey

Day 1: Arrival

Guests will arrive in Cusco, Peru with airport pick-up arranged. All guests can spend the day acclimating and resting at the beautiful Sacha Munay which we will call home for our time together. We will have an arrival celebratory dinner featuring local fresh food.

Day 2: Opening Ceremonies & Energy Blessings From the Elders

We will begin our pilgrimage with a day of ceremony. In the morning we will start our journey to the archeological center of Uno Urco, a beautiful temple dedicated to water. Puma will discuss Andean Cosmovision and traditional Andean Healing Arts and will guide us through rituals of welcoming and reconnecting with the ancestral spirits of the Andes. We will also work with two very special, invited healers today – don Sebastian and Mama Irene – who will share their gifts and healing practices that will have a lasting impact on our everyday lives back home

Don Sebastian is a Q’ero Master with pure energy and wisdom from the lineage of the Q’ero People; Mama Irene is an older Medicine Woman and a very powerful healer who comes from a different lineage of healers in the Peruvian Andes, closer to the rainbow lineage. Together these two healers will have a profound and lasting impact on our understanding of energy work and Andean medicine. This full day of energy work will allow us to feel fully immersed in ancestral traditions and deepen our connection to our inner self as well as the land we are visiting. We will also learn about the concepts of Nogan Kani and Ayni. By understanding that love is always a reciprocal relationship (love for people, nature, the planet) we can reassess our relationships and how we treat ourselves and the world around us.

Day 3: Visit to the Kusi Kawsay School and Pisac Intihuatana Site

We will begin our day visiting the inspirational school of Kusi Kawsay where indigenous children have an opportunity to learn the wisdom of their ancestors within a Waldorf-inspired model of education. The kind family of Winay Taki will introduce us to their school and take us on a guided journey to the magnificent sacred site of Intihuatana. We will also have the opportunity to walk through the market village of Pisaq and see many of the local artisans' wares.


Day 4: “Cactus of the Four Winds” Ceremony at Sacha Munay Retreat Center.

This is a healing ceremony of universal heart medicine, a 5000-year-old medicine ceremony going back to the roots of Andean spirituality.  This medicine helps reveal the mystical world around us and brings us into a state of heightened awareness to realize our collective unity. Healing and transformation are an aspect of each and every ceremony, for each and every one of us. This beautiful, kind, and joyful medicine has a truly wonderful way of helping us to help each other and ourselves. These ceremonies are a rare opportunity to deeply transform and heal our lives and relationships. This ceremony is an opportunity to consciously address current issues in your life, find alignment and healing for the energies of the body, explore who and what we are as beings, and radically connect with the living wisdom of Mother Earth.

Day 5: Integration, Rest, and Personal Exploration

We will gather in the morning for integration processes from the previous day's ceremony. Participants can choose to rest, receive bodywork treatments at Sacha Munay, hike to the nearby waterfall, or take a day trip to a neighbouring village.

Day 6: Chinchero & Moray

We will leave the retreat centre in the morning on an adventure to the magical site of Moray. The foundation of the Andean cosmovision is to have your spiritual life fully integrated with all aspects of your life. To allow your practice to be oriented to living an industrious, wise, and loving life that is connected and relational. The Inca were able to feed all their people. The Moray site highlights the Incan wisdom and skillfulness of seed cultivation; we will make offerings here that our time spent in this beautiful area will “grow corn and potatoes” in our lives.

Afterward, we will visit Puma’s hometown of Chinchero, a small village located high up in the windswept plains, offering spectacular views over the Sacred Valley and the snowcapped peaks of the Andes. Renowned for its beautiful traditional weavings, this town is the perfect place to pick up souvenirs and gifts. Here we immerse ourselves in the local community, meeting village elders and the friendly local inhabitants.

Day 7: Journey to Cusco

We will wake up early and make the journey to the sacred sites of the Cusco Valley. The city of Cusco is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the Americas. This paradigm-transforming day will include visits to some of the most mind-blowing ancient sites in the world, including Sacsayhuaman, Qenko, the Temple of the Moon, Puca Pucara, Tambo Machay, and the Qoricancha. Each site is a portal to the wisdom of the ancients; we will make offerings and honor the ancestors of this rich land. It will be a full day of exploration and unparalleled life enrichment!

Day 8: “The Cactus of the Four Winds” Ceremony at Sacha Munay Retreat Centre

We will once again dive into the Mystery of our Hearts on this day of communion with the sacred plant teacher Huachuma.


Day 9: Integration, Rest, and Personal Exploration

We will gather in the morning for integration processes from the previous day's ceremony. Participants can choose to rest, receive bodywork treatments at Sacha Munay, hike to the nearby waterfall, or take a day trip to a neighbouring village.

Day 10: Ollantaytambo and Ñaupa Iglesia

After breakfast, we will be on our way to one of the inter-dimensional portals in the Andean cosmovision, known by the population as Ñaupa Iglesia, where we will have a deep encounter with ancient ancestral energies. We continue on to Ollantaytambo, the Sanctuary of the Wind, renowned for its ancient fortress. We visit the royal baths and fountains for a shamanic energy cleansing ceremony by Unu, the Water element, and then make our way along the murmuring river to the Temple of the Condor for a few moments of reflection and silent meditation. Ending off our afternoon, we will stop at the main altar area of the temple to receive our blessings from Wayra (Wind Element), the guardian of the site.

Day 11: Apu Pachatusan and the Shrine of Señor de Huanca

On this final day of our pilgrimage, we will journey to the renowned mountain shrine of Señor de Huanca and the majestic mountain spirit of Apu Pachatusan. Apu Pachatusan has great lore and mythical significance to the peoples of the Sacred Valley. It is a place where thousands of people traditionally pilgrimage for healing. It is the Apu most revered for healers of all types and it is here that we will have our closing despacho.

Day 12: Closing Circle

The morning will be filled with a closing celebration circle and ceremony. Guests are free to leave after noon. Transportation to the airport will be arranged if guests are leaving on this day.

(Our flow may change and adapt with the availability of the wisdom keepers, weather, and group needs. This is an estimated overview)

Munay Sonqo Retreat Center - Calca Peru

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We are beyond grateful for the generosity of heart, depth of wisdom, and true blessings that the wisdom keepers and indigenous peoples of Peru share with us. While there is truly no way to equate the profound healing and blessings that have occurred in our lives with a “monetary” amount, we wish to live in sacred reciprocity. It is from this sincere desire to “pay it forward” that we are dedicated to donating GENEROUSLY to the Kusi Kawsay School in Pisaq, Peru.


This remarkable school is bringing a love of learning, indigenous Quechua knowledge, and a nurturing of the whole being to their education of children. We are so inspired by the loving families who created and have given so much of their lives to creating this school. Please check them out, and if you feel called, contribute to their Ayni Scholarship fund. Your heart will sing when you see the good being done here!

Contact us via email at


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Special thanks to Pauline Saade for her beautiful photographs.

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