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Participants will be initiated into the Pachakuti Mesa, a powerful and sacred altar. Each student will learn how to create their own mesa and work with it for self-empowerment, transformation, and helping others. Through shamanic journey and visionary states of consciousness, participants will explore the three worlds of the Andean cosmovision, sacred reciprocity with all that is, the core ingredients of ceremonial mastery, sacred sound and ritual language, healing and curanderismo, and the inner world of the ukhupacha.

A Call to Heal Apprenticeship Notes
Weekend 1


  • In the morning offer gratitude for 20 things in your life.

  • Ground your grounding cord from your root deep into the heart of the earth.    

  • Evoke the expanded feeling and emotions you want to resonate with in this day (joy, peace, love, gratitude ect.)

  • When showering ask the water to cleanse you.  

  • Invoke your higher guides to continue to teach you throughout the day.

  • Every time you drink water, connect to the cleansing and life giving spirit of the water.  

  • Give gratitude to the food you eat throughout the day.

  • Leave offerings to the earth, nature and your guides.

  • Connect to the powers of the sun and moon.  

  • Focus on your heart.  Stay connected to your heart - to love.

  • Say gratitude statements before you go to bed.

  • Ask your guides to teach you in your sleep and dreams.


* Throughout our day when interacting with family, places, work spaces and situations we can tend to collect different vibrations of energies in our biofield.  Some of these energies are life enhancing like the energy of a waterfall, or a good belly laugh - and some can be more dense and heavy as what happens when being in a stressful situation or argument.  A good self-care practice helps address these “heavier” energies so we can be in good shape as we navigate in our day, home with our families, and recharging through rest and sleep. Below are some easy and effective ways of clearing our energy fields.  Give them a try for a while and see how they make you feel.

  • Smudging our homes (and work spaces) with plant helpers like sage, copal, sweet grass.  Using a diffuser for bring in the cleansing energy of essential oils.

  • Smudging ourselves after a big day.

  • Make time to practice moving your energy (dance, Chi-gung, reiki, yoga, breathwork, ect.).

  • Walking in nature (forest bathing).

  • Standing barefoot, sitting, or lying on the earth.  Very potent to have our belly button to the earth and ask the earth to take our heavy energy.  

  • Going for a swim in a lake or stream.

  • Having a medicine bath with essential oils, sea or magnesium salts, or make your own plant bath.

  • Work with skilled practitioners to help your energy body flow- acupuncture, osteopathy, network chiropractic, massage, to name just a few.

  • Practice intentional creativity! Crochet, paint, sculpt, do something to help express this vital creative energy within you.


Curandero’s Anamnesis (page 10 of A.M.)

Questions for Self-Initiated Transformation:

  1. What condition in my life do I want to change?

  2. What is guiding me to change at this particular time in my life?

  3. What is my role in creating my present condition?

  4. What does living with this condition prevent me from having or doing?

  5. What will happen in my life when I am free from this condition?

The paper should be folded and placed under the centerpiece for the duration of the workshop. At home, preferably on the next full moon, the paper should be ceremonially burned by each participant.



This practice may be utilized whenever appropriate. It sets up a resonant field between the individual and the ukhupacha, facilitating any exchanges necessary between its realms and the poqpo.

  • The inbreath is practiced along with the simultaneous drawing-in of k’anchay through the crown. (Envisioning the radiant pillar, the saywa, is helpful).

  • The light and breath are held, briefly, in the heart.

  • As the breath is exhaled, k’anchay is sent downwards through the perineum, deep

    into the subterranean domains of Pachamama, and into the ukhupacha.

  • This is repeated for as long as is necessary.

  • All breathing should be done through the nose with tongue gently resting on upper palate.



  • Centered in the practical experience that the mesa’s beneficent powers can be evoked into operation without limit of physical distance, this practice allows the direction of the healing intelligence of one’s animal ally to another. 


  • Purun illas are retrieved in the right hand. 


  • Their names are spoken softly to the khuyas, calling the medicine of the ally into the consciousness of the individual. 


  • When a resonance and relationship is established, the piece is asked to be of aid to a specific individual – detailed indications can be appropriate, e.g. “Help [name] to reestablish harmony in her life…” “Help [name] to heal his physical condition…” This request is blown into the arte, which is then placed in its proper place within the mesa. 


  • The arte is then “flowered” with song, libation, rattling, chimes, etc. 


  • At this point the sombra of the particular ally is sent out to do its work.  When this occurs, two avenues are open to the healer: to accompany the sombra in vision by continuing to rattle or follow it in observational meditation; or, to simply trust in the process and allow the work to proceed without further witnessing. Both methods present certain advantages – yet a trust in the wisdom and power of one’s artes remains the fundamental moving force behind the efficacy of operation. As a practice, this healing is ideally conducted on Tuesdays and Fridays. It may, however, also be performed following Wednesday Night Link-Up.




  • Invocation of Pachamama, Mamakilla, Wiracocha, Inti, and K’uychi 3 times each to open the ceremonial field, harmonize participants, and establish connection with the Spirit-infusing powers of Creation. 

  • Brief Visualization on the celestial light (k’anchay), to resonate with supreme source of illumination and establish a connection to the saywa, the pillar of light that stretches between the kaypacha and the hanaqpacha. 

  • Planetary Healing: The awakening forces of the Universe are transmitted into the living body of the Earth through the center of the mesa, while participants remain in open meditative engagement. Holding the highest intentions for beneficent transformation and healing in the world, incoming power (kallpa) is transmitted by drawing it in through the crown, down to the heart, and out each arm and hand into the center of the mesa. 9:45 pm – 10:00 pm or anytime Wednesday evening.

  • Distance Healing: The accumulated power may be used to promote healing in the lives of those who are “intended” into the mesa: each person concentrates on someone in need and releases that mental intention into the mesa. 10:00 pm – 10:15pm. 

  • Closing of Ceremony by intoning the directions one time each, and sealing with a clap. This integrates and harmonizes all forces, while building the future potential of the mesa. 


Wednesday Nights are an opportunity to “link-up” with the circle of Pachakuti Mesa Practitioners world-wide, strengthening the work of this community on the “inner Universe.” As a weekly practice, Link-up provides the time to deepen one’s experience of the mesa – performed both in circle and alone at one’s mesa it offers a rich “meeting” with this tradition, as a way of convergence of self and lineage. The power that is being harnessed and transmitted is deep and sentient nourishment for the Earth: She knows what to do!



K’ANCHAY –Light(Illumination)

MUNAY –Love(UnlimitedCaring)

PACHAMAMA –MotherEarth

HUÑUY –United

This intonation sequence is ideal for the activation of interstellar illumination and the calling forth of trans-dimensional solar wisdom to be anchored in the material plane of Mother Earth.


WILKA –Sacred

WIRACOCHAN –Creation’s

NUNAY –LivingSoul

This invocation aligns one with the founding mystery of all creation, the pre-verbal wisdom of being. As an evocation, this alignment with All That Is, is brought forward into the field of possibilities of the mesa.


This chant forms the primary means of activating the Pachakuti Mesa, with each sacred name being invoked three times in succession. It is also used to activate ceremonial sites, apachetas, and whenever the alchemical blending of the five elements is called for. Each name chanted once customarily closes the mesa, along with the sealing effected through a single, focused clap of the hands (done collectively and in unison by all participants). The performance of these intonations allows for a full embodiment and harnessing of hampi, medicine, within the mesa, while also harmonizing each corresponding element within the bodies of the practitioner – thus working jointly on self and world.

Commitment to Sacred Relationship

Please read this aloud at your mesa as many times as you wish.

I enter this relationship to celebrate my Self and to support you in celebrating your Self. Remembering our equality, I commit myself to treating you lovingly, gently, and respectfully, in thought, in word, and in action, when we are together and when we are apart.

I accept you as you are. When anything less than Love surfaces, I will remember that the Wholeness of Relationship is more important than any issue. I will keep communication open, and will recreate our Relationship anew, fresh in the Perfection of the Moment.

Spend time with your Mesa.  Dance, sing, flower, smudge, rattle, drum and bless with all your heart.  

Remember it is better to practice imperfectly, than not at all:)

Interstellar Illumination
Mesa Invocation
Wilka Wilka Wilka
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