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December 29, 2023 - January 1, 2024

Begin the New Year with a
Clear mind and Pure Heart
IN True Prosperity.

​In this retreat, we will bridge science, spirit, and shamanism to radically address the core wound of scarcity through powerfully uplifting and transformative practices. We will utilize the boundless love and wisdom within the plant spirit ceremonial arts to bring deep and lasting healing and transformation. We will dive into the new science of how consciousness shapes the quantum field of reality, and how we can reprogram our minds and bodies to be in alignment with True Prosperity.

  • Are you ready to do the inner work of finding a whole new way to meet life?

  • Do you struggle with fear of lack?

  • Is an area of your life continually lacking? Lack of love, connection, health, money, time, inspiration, etc.?

  • Do you find financial abundance to be a source of ongoing stress?

  • Is your health, relationships, and self-care struggling because of scarcity?

  • Do you compromise your health, integrity, heart, or soul in any way to get more money, love, or attention?

  • Are you stuck in a pattern of "shadow" around prosperity that you are ready to fully transform?

The greatest illusion of our time is that of scarcity. This is the shadow of money. This illusion runs as an unconscious program throughout the whole of humanity. It is used to justify the greatest harm and has a profound influence on how humanity perceives ourselves, the earth, and life around us. This core wound is a complex and tangled web of beliefs, fears, and shadows that have been passed down from generation to generation. We now have the insights of new science and the powerful tools of shamanism to meet this tangled mess and clean it up! Until we as individuals and as a collective bring the light of consciousness to this wound, our personal lives (and the earth) will not heal.


This is absolutely one of the most essential places of inner healing and self-love that we can transform.


The illusion of scarcity is an assemblage point for how we live our lives, how we shape our culture, and how we work with (or destroy) nature.

In this retreat, we will call forth the INFINITE RESOURCE that comes from and through Sacred Reciprocity and call True Prosperity back into our lives.

Through this 4 day retreat with one nighttime Kamasqa Mesada Heart Ceremony and one daytime Heart Ceremony, we will embrace the blessings of true prosperity, radical abundance, and the spiritual power of generosity to:

  • Clear blocks, old programming, anxiety, and fears related to scarcity

  • Bring new timelines, visions, and inspirations for our lives and sacred paths of service

  • Ignite the sacred fire within of Ayni (sacred reciprocity), Llankay (industrious right action), and Saminchay (blessings from the Heart) to fuel greater experiences of embodied True Prosperity

  • Bless this Sacred Community with Sovereignty and Prosperity

  • And bring the beauty, joy, love, light, reverence, and fun back into healing and your life!


This retreat will focus on ancient and powerful teachings and ceremonies from Gnostic wisdom schools, shamanic teachings on the nature of shadow dynamic and resolution, and the ceremonial arts of Peruvian Kamasqa Curanderismo to awaken the energy of true, embodied Prosperity.

Retreat Tuition & Sacred Reciprocity:

 $999 CAD 

This retreat includes:

  • Four days and three nights of Earth-honouring ceremony

  • TWO Kamasqa Curandero Heart Medicine Ceremonies

  • Sacred Council and Alchemical teachings on True Prosperity

  • Group clearing of the inner programs of scarcity, fear, lack, self-harm, and compromise

  • Teachings and practices of planetary healing rituals of the Andes

  • Elemental cleansing and blessing rituals including medicine baths for those who request them

  • Guided shamanic journey work to uncover the hidden wisdom of the Mystery Schools that lay sleeping within our DNA

  • Local, organic, delicious food made by our lovely Cassandra! Each meal nourishes the body, heart, and soul!

  • Sacred songs, restorative movement, dance, and shamanic energy practices

  • Skilled, experienced, and kind facilitators

  • Private mentorship call to prepare for the event (if requested)

  • Integration support through TWO follow-up group Zoom calls and individual support where needed

  • Full access to a beach, cedar hot tub, and sauna



Tuition does not include food and lodging, which is listed below


This 4-day (3-night) retreat will be held at

the beautiful Sentinel Retreat


Accommodation options

  • $120/person - shared twin or king bed accommodation (only 6 twin/king rooms available) (please note that there are no private king rooms available for this retreat)

  • $90/person - shared accommodation

  • $180/day - private accommodation (2 Queen rooms)

  • $90/person - glamping (sunroom - 4 people)

Food for the entire retreat is just $190/person.

Please note that these costs will be paid directly to the Sentinel and they will contact you once you have registered with us.

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